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Professional and Expert In Project Management

Pin Project Management is a company that aims to give its customers the best values when it comes to project management services. At pinpms, all customers are our priority.

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Our creed is to improve the world by considering Pin- Pointed result outcomes in all we do, relentlessly focusing on excellence in transforming our clients’ businesses, our communities, and employment opportunities.

We’re a global Project Management and negotiation representative consultancy firm. We are PIN. Everywhere around the world, people’s needs and aspirations are changing, fast. That brings increasing challenges for our clients, as you seek to satisfy your stakeholders, tackle societal issues, and deliver your business strategy.

Our network of experts looks at problems from fresh angles and finds opportunities in complexity. They bring together diverse skills, experience, and insight, to turn obstacles into sustainable solutions. Our aim: is to add value at every stage, for you and the lives you touch every day.

Our Vision

Being our best – A message from our Principal Consultant.

Whether we face everyday challenges or something more serious, as individuals or as a business, Our Vision is here to help us make good decisions and do what’s right. By setting out our commitment to acting with integrity and our expectations of all colleagues and those we work with, Our Vision challenges us to work with each other, our partners, clients, and communities in a way that builds trust and mutual respect.

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We give you the utmost management service.

Prof. Ricky White

Global President / CEO

Prof. Ricky is an International Leadership Expert Coach, An Angel Investor as well as an experienced Business Management Consultant. He serves as the Chancellor of the Global Business School USA, as well as the President of the Pin Project Investments and arm of the Ethos Group.

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